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25-minute mini masterclass

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In this free training, I’ll share the keys to creating an offer and marketing strategy that will maximize your profit, minimize the time you spend working, and optimize customer satisfaction.

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 Now is the time to create your shop.


Every business, freelancer, and influencer needs a website but most don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to hire a designer. That creates a huge market for affordable, easy-to-use templates.

Selling website templates allows you to leverage your design genius so that you can have a greater impact and make more money while working less.

If you had told me in January of 2020 that in one year, I would be running a 6-figure business with zero custom design clients, I would have thought you believed in me a little too much.

The market for WordPress and Showit templates is pretty competitive but there’s still plenty of room for growth in the Squarespace template market.

That’s why now is the perfect time to build your Squarespace template shop! You still have the opportunity to become the go-to template designer in your own unique niche.

In this free training, I’m sharing my juiciest tips for building a template shop that will help you generate more revenue, spend less time tied to your laptop, and create a life you love.


 You’ll Learn

  • 3 myths about building a successful template shop + the REAL truth you need to know.

  • The 4-step framework that will take you from concept to launch without confusion.

  • 4 mistakes to avoid at each stage of the process (and what to do instead).


 This training is for you if…

Client work has you overwhelmed, burned out, and looking for the nearest exit sign.

You’re ready to build a business where you can make bank and take a legit vacation.

You need help turning your Squarespace design skills into an ah-mazing digital product.

Kate Scott - Squarespace Template Designer


Hey there, I’m Kate!

Does client work have you feeling on-edge and burned out? Two years ago, I was exactly where you are right now. Then I created my first Squarespace template.

Two months after launching, I went from struggling to make ends meet to having my first $6k month. And in January of 2021, I quit client work altogether.

I am so excited to share everything I’ve learned along the way so that you can have the same freedom in your business without the frustrating struggle of having to figure it all out for yourself.

I feel so much more confident about launching my template shop now!


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